Galerie Ficher Rohr– Basel, Switzerland


Galerie Ficher Rohr

Romero Britto arrived in Basel to open his first exhibition at Galerie Ficher Rohr. Britto was eager to unveil the 20 original paintings that he created specifically for the opening. The large scale and intricately detailed paintings depict themes including nude studies, landscape renderings and a new abstract design with minimal color aspects.

Britto will not only host an exhibition during his tour of Basel, he will unveil an aluminum sculpture created especially for the Basel Children’s Hospital. After hearing about the hospital and its founder, Miss Anna Elisabeth Burckhardt-Vischer’s mission to enrich the lives of the children it treats, Britto felt that a colorful uplifting sculpture at the entrance of the hospital would raise the hopes and improve the day-to-day lives of the children.