Galleria Ca’D’Oro – Rome, Italy


Solo Exhibition: Galleria Ca’D’Oro – Gloria Porcella & Lamberto Petrecca, FordStore Carpoint

The Britto 2011 sculpture exhibitions in Rome continue with the opening of the solo exhibition at Galleria Ca’d’Oro and the unveiling of the Ford Ka at Ford Carpoint Center.  Several television and print media were on hand to interview Romero and capture the moment.  The energy was alive with over 500 attendees traveling from all over Italy to be part of this history making moment.  Italians were in awe of Romero and his amazing art.  Gallery Ca’d’Oro realized many art sales, and the exhibition will run through the end of July at the beautiful Piazza di Spagna location at the foot of the Spanish Steps.  Grazie Mille Italia for the open and welcoming embrace and congratulations Romero!

See event photos HERE.

View show video HERE