Palazzo Torlonia – Rome, Italy (Curated by Galleria Ca’D’Oro)


Romero Britto at the Palazzo Torlonia through Galleria Ca D Oro in Rome, Italy



Romero Britto had a beautiful and successful solo exhibition at the historic Palazzo Torlonia in Rome, Italy with a spectacular private opening on Sunday, October 20th. Galleria Ca’d’Oro featured original works, limited and open edition prints and sculptures by the Artist, and Romero’s bright colors and joyful art conversed beautifully with the 15th century frescoes on the ceilings of the gorgeous Torlonia palace. Collectors from around the world eagerly acquired art exhibited and relished the opportunity of conversation, photos and personal dedications by the Artist in this magical locale. Guests were also treated to celebrity journalist Gloria Satta enthusiastically thanking Romero for bringing ?us all joy?, and actress Barbara Bouchet discussing themes of love and art with el Artista!